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Basic Service Delivery

As a municipality we have a council where decisions are made and municipal officials and staff who implement the work of the municipality. The council is made up of elected members who approve policies and by-laws for their area. The council has to pass a budget for its municipality each year. They must also decide on development plans and service delivery for their municipal area.

The work of the council is co-ordinated by a mayor who is elected by council. The mayor is assisted by an executive or mayoral committee, made up of councillors. The mayor together with the executive also oversees the work of the municipal manager and department heads.

The work of the municipality is done by the municipal administration that is headed by the municipal manager and other officials. S/he is responsible for employing staff and co-ordinating them to implement all programmes approved by council.

Our mandate is to deliver the following service to our people:

  • Electricity delivery

  • Storm water systems

  • Refuse removal

  • Decisions around land use

  • Municipal roads

  • Municipal public transport

  • Street trading

  • Abattoirs and fresh food markets

  • Parks and recreational areas

  • Libraries and other facilities

  • Local tourism

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